All About Me

My name is Rebecca Woods.

I'm Norfolk born and bred, and still as in love with this stunning county as the day I was born. 

These days I'm privileged to be a lifestyle and pets photographer. That also includes weddings, which are always a thrill when couples entrust me with photographing their special day. Having a sports mad daughter, I've found myself moving into sports photography too; and living in such a beautiful part of the world it's never hard work completing a landscape commission.

My hobbies are walking my local beaches looking for sea glass and driftwood, reading and music... always music!


My favourite food is clam chowder with a big hunk of sourdough bread. The best there is always at The Beach Hut on the Sea Front in Great Yarmouth.


My favourite memory is undoubtedly watching a loggerhead turtle laying her eggs right in front of me and my children, on a moonlit beach in Cape Verde. This was a moment of pure connection with nature that I will never forget.


My favourite film is Lawrence of Arabia. It’s a wonderful combination of incredible cinematography, a flawed hero and story based on real and tragic events.


My perfect day would start with a walk on the beach, camera in hand to capture the sunrise. Then I’d make my way back to my isolated cottage for hot coffee and croissants. I’d probably spend the morning relaxing in the garden with my latest book.

Later on I’d stir myself to enjoy a spot of people-watching down at the market, no doubt indulging in some street photography while i’m there.

Heading back home, I’d crank the music up loud (probably Moby or maybe Bach depending on my mood) and immerse myself in the sounds while I’m editing my pictures.

When my children arrive home from school, we’d have a family meal around the BBQ and then maybe a paddle before dark.

The evening would be spent with a glass of Rioja to accompany a good film or book, and maybe a spot more editing. If the night is clear I’d end the day with a spot of horizontal sea gazing in my garden.

So, I've told you a bit about me. If you think I'm the kind of person you could connect with as a photographer, why not email me and we can chat about what you have in mind.

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