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For a full tour of the commercial photography produced at #TheGroomingRoom click on the image below. I'd love to chat with you about how a commercial photography partnership can add value to your business.

When you're wanting to get your service or product noticed, stand out visuals give instant wow. For businesses offering a range of practical services, artistically shot images highlight the professionalism on offer in a way that instantly demonstrates the value added to your customers.

#TheGroomingRoom are just such a business, and after spending a morning with the fabulous ladies at Filby Lane, Ormesby, the key message that was needed to show through their pictures was patience, care and technical expertise.

The attention to detail was quickly demonstrated in the way dogs paws and faces were trimmed, and close up shots demonstrate this perfectly.

The impressive range of equipment to hand at #TheGroomingRoom ensures that every doggy client is cared for in a way that keeps them safe and relaxed. Gentle harnesses and ear towels are just two ways to help the dogs stay happy during their visit.

Technical expertise is always an aspect of your business that will win you custom. Often that work can be behind the scenes. At #TheGroomingRoom owners will leave their dogs in the capable hands of the groomers, and collect them once all the hard work is done. By showing the range of techniques and equipment used to transform these fur babies, owners can gain a better understanding of just how much value for money they are actually getting.

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